About Dave Talbott

November 20th, 2008

Dave feels he has the best of both worlds: he gets to use his love for piano and organ as part of a regular job, plus he gets to minister with his concerts as he travels extensively.

Dave Talbott

Dave Talbott

Since 1977 Dave has been on the staff of the Mount Hermon Christian Conference Center near Santa Cruz, California, where he has been Director of Adult Ministries and Resident Musician. In late 2006 he transitioned to the Advancement Department, while still coordinating Mount Hermon’s professional conferences, including those for writers and law enforcement personnel. He does a lot of institutional writing, and has written features for national magazines. He is committed to the encouragement of the craft of Christian writing.

Dave previously worked on the staff of Westmont College in Santa Barbara, California, where he was first Director of Foundation and Corporate Relations, and for his last four years, Director of Public Relations and Alumni Services. He was a member of the Montecito Covenant Church for nine years, serving as organist and chairman of the church, under the ministry of the late renowned hymnist, The Rev. Bryan J. Leech. Together they collaborated on many musical arrangements.

Before going to Santa Barbara, Dave was in public and press relations with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association in Atlanta, Georgia, and Berlin, Germany. He traveled widely in Europe and the Middle East and has played piano and organ for several of Dr. Graham’s associates. He has also toured Southeast Asia, presenting concerts and teaching piano workshops.

Dave grew up in Seattle, Washington, where he studied piano at the Cornish School of Music, at Seattle Pacific University with Marceille Mack, and with Dr. Howard Stevenson. He became a church pianist at the age of 11 and regular (self-taught) church organist at 15.  He has a bachelor’s degree in music from Westmont College (1964). He traveled extensively for the College as accompanist for the Westmont College Male Quartet for three years.

An accomplished pianist and organist, Dave is in much demand with churches, schools, and national conventions, playing concerts, accompanying, and leading worship at a variety of functions, including Mount Hermon’s own popular series of hymn sings. He has recorded six albums of sacred piano arrangements, and one of all-organ sacred selections.

In addition to his interests in music and journalism, both of which he uses in his duties at Mount Hermon, Dave enjoys swimming, cooking, and gardening, and volunteer work for Westmont College, which named him “Alumni Volunteer of the Year” in 1991. He became a licensed minister in 1998, through the Conservative Baptist Churches of California.

His wife, Carla, recently retired from being a decorating consultant to Mount Hermon. They live on the grounds at Mount Hermon. He plays the piano and organ regularly at Peninsula Covenant Church in Redwood City, CA. They have two adult married daughters-Carrie and Amy-who have four sons and two daughters between them.